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GRP Canopies

Carn Plastics' GRP Canopies come in a variety of designs such as mono pitch, apex and insulated bay window canopies, all designed for fast, easy fitting. Our Canopies are both a stylish and functional solution for any building. Carn Plastics canopies are used across a wide range of housing developments in the UK and RoI.
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    GRP Dormers

Carn Plastics' GRP Dormers are manufactured to the customer's required design and are moulded as one piece units for ease of fitting, with features such as encapsulated insulation, encapsulated timber for fitting of windows and integral soaker sheet for maximum weatherability.
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    GRP Chimneys

Carn Plastics' GRP Chimneys are manufactured to the customer's required design including replicated designs of chimneys on listed buildings. They can be supplied as a sleeve or as a complete unit with encapsulated timber battens for ease of fitting to rafters and with facilities for flashing for maximum weatherability.
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    GRP Enclosures

Carn Plastics' GRP Enclosures can be made to a wide range of design specifications and we offer differing laminating to suit our customer's needs, such as 'Single Skin' or 'Metal Core'. No matter what the application, rest assured that Carn Plastics have the practical solution for all your Enclosure storage needs.
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    GRP Tanks

Carn Plastics' GRP Tanks are available with or without insulation and made to suit any size requirement. Pipework and inspecton hatches can also be included. All our tanks are made to the highest specifications and are made to be both strong and durable.
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